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the show what you're doing awake at this hour. our producer alex has a couple good answers. >> mike says i'm in oxford, mississippi, making sure he's not gloating of the win over ole miss. >> we did go into oxford and come out with a 14-point win. all i'll say is, what else, alex. >> ben sayless i'm awake because i'm dabbling in witch craft. >> apparently you're not the only one. apparent we'll get into that on "morning joe." christine, if you're watching, i created you. you need to come on this show. if you don't come on this show, i'm going to show a clip every week. i'm the only one who has them. i have horded them. >> welcome to "morning joe". happy monday. so much going on.
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>> there is. bill maher is going back and digging up old clips of her when she was on "politically incorrect." they're good ones for punch lines. >> sure. >> apparently she said she dabbled in witch craft. >> i did that. >> like most republicans in the 1990s, it was the thing to do. >> you did, also? you had your coven? >> here is krista free land, editor for global reuters. >> it was like harry potter. the freshmen republicans that came in in '94, seriously. let's turn to some serious news. by that way, that will have some punch line impact, but no impact at the end of the race. >> we also have with us msnbc and "time" magazine senior
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political analyst mark halprin joining the conversation this morning. coming up today richard holbrooke is going to be here. >> wow. >> yes, uh-huh. peter king from nbc's "football night in america." >> yes. >> and broadway star patti lupone to round things out. >> what does that mean, yes! >> speaking of football, a couple of things. first of all vanderbilt, vandy, it ain't easygoing in to oxford on a saturday night with 23,000 screaming fans. >> at the new hampshire institute of politics we met someone who says gave you a shout-out. >> a lot of vanderbilt fans. secondly, seriously, wow, let's give them love, the jets. >> oh, the jets, yes. >> the jets deserve some love as well. >> they changed the way they play, started throwing the ball. sanchez looked great all of the
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sudden. >> it's great. stop talking and afterwards you see the press conference with rex. they're going to do a video called the super bowl shuffle. they're going to film it tomorrow. it's going to be out -- they're actually recruited the fridge. >> i love the refrigerator. >> my mom loved the refrigerator. >> i will repeat it again. i love the jets. i don't like how many they've been yacking their mouths. >> i don't want to say the new york crowd is fickle. they're for real. they had them left for dead last week. >> we just wish they'd shut up. so donovan mcnabb is 2-0 and the cowboys are 0-2. >> no, they lost. >> i said donovan mcnabb plays for a team called the washington redskins. they're 2-0. >> no, they lost. dude, are you serious? >> texans came back and won in overtime. it was unbelievable. >> you're kidding me?
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>> i saw it like a minute and a half left. >> i know. they were up 17 and they lost. >> chris i'm sorry. chris, you suck. congratulations to vandy. >> that was a nice win. we get a couple of them every year. we appreciate them when they come. >> there does happen to be a lot of political news this morning that we might want to get to. >> i saw coach kay on the sidelines during that game. we had him here, but whoever did the sideline interview during the game was so effective, i went out and bought the book. i didn't buy the book when he was here. that was a great sideline interview. >> you didn't know why he was here when he came in. >> i thought he was talking about basketball. a lot to talk about. also mark halprin, sarah palin
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was in iowa. you were there. as you've always said, where goes sarah palin, there, too, go i. how was it? did you jump up and down and scream? >> it was a big crowd. eye wants are not the most' motive people in the road so you can't always get a sense from their reaction. but she was feisty and pepperry and she did none of the spade work that most people who come into iowa who has presidential aspirations do. she didn't really use the opportunity to do anything but give her speech and get out of town. >> most of the speech or a good bit of it was dedicated to attacking what she calls, and really i don't know where she came up with this, quote, the lame street media. >> a very large portion of the speech, much to my surprise. i think to the confusion of some of the audience was devoted to talking about the recent "vanity fair" article about her, about how hur troops fight so the
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media can lie. >> they love that in ames. >> it rally it is base. it is something republicans have talked about for a long time. but she didn't do anything to lay out specifics on policy. >> all right. let me get to the news here. and then -- >> i'm sure in ames they're going through the article saying, i need someone to talk about this. their prayers were answered, sarah palin came to town. the battle for leader of the republican party played out over the weekend with nearly all the gop heavy-hitters speaking at public events across the country. at the values voters summit in washington top conservative lead erls took turns criticizing the obama administration and delivering a message of fiscal responsibility. in somewhat of a surprise result indiana representative mike pence, the third ranking republican in the house finished first in the values voter straw poll taken at the end of the summit. pence claimed nearly a quarter of the vote beating out mike
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huckabee. party favorites mitt romney, newt gingrich and sarah palin rounded out the top five. what do you make of this? >> tell us mark halprin, what's going on. you've got ron paul that winds the cpac straw poll, mike pence who wins the value voters straw poll. obviously neither close to becoming the establishment candidates for 2012. >> to say the least. mike spens sa great candidate at these events. some of these straw polls you see some candidates pack the room, pay people to come, really organize the vote. no indication anyone did that here. mike pence gives a great speech at these events. as conservatives would say, he walks the walk. it shows you just how wide open the race is for 2012. none of the establishment people on the ballot did as well, a guy who is not very well known, can't raise a lot of money. although he's made some moves towards running, has not really
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gone all in. he does well always. he gives a great speech. >> this comes as the former alaska governor ignited new speculation about her own political aspirations after taking center stage at a republican fund-raiser in iowa. while sarah palin played coy about a possible run for the white house, she stressed that republicans needed to come together after what has been a divisive primary season. >> now, unsuccessful gop campaigns and deflated political pundits, remember, attitudes are contagious. make sure yours are worth catching. this is it, gop. this is our time. we can't blow it, gop. but we won't wait for that political playbook to be handed us from on high from the elites to tell us what to do. we won't do that. >> meanwhile, senator jim demint who, together with sarah palin, has successfully backed numerous tea party candidates maintained
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his support of these candidates has helped the gop's chances of gaining control of the senate this november. >> the only reason we have a chance at a majority now is a large part for the candidates i've been supporting. candy, if the republican party in the senate was now symbolized by arlen specter and charlie crist, we would not have the energy behind our candidates anywhere in the country. >> interesting. >> yeah, it is. >> and "the new york times" is reporting this morning that president obama's advisors are considering using national advertisements to cast the republican party as overrun by tea party extremists. this is becoming a real collision. think of what bloomberg is doing as well. we'll talk about that later. while david axelrod denied such a campaign being planned, opponents said this would limit democratic losses in the midterm elections. on sunday's "meet the press"
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bill clinton and colin powell both weighed in on how to deal with the tea party's support. >> first of all, i think a lot of the voters who are voting for the tea party candidates have really good impulses. they want to see some help for ordinary people. i get that. the question is what are the specifics? what really matters is what we're going to do. and right now they've elected a lot of people who are articulate and attractive. but it's not clear what their specifics are. >> it may appeal to the fringe elements of the party, but i don't think it appeals to all republicans. and i don't think it appeals to the whole country. this kind of chatter. he's a kenyan channeler and all that sort of stuff makes a lot of news. you'll find governor palin and others on the right side of the political spectrum along with the tea party movement are getting a lot of attention, a lot of news and making a lot of news.
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but i don't think anybody should grab that and think that's the entire country. >> christie, it's not the entire country, it may be a significant chunk of voters in the republican side in this off-year election. >> absolutely. i thought one of the most interesting things in that opening segment was sarah palin's comments about republican elites. i think that is really interesting that she was sort of directly going against the elders of her own party. i think that's going to be a big conflict. >> and we've seen it throughout this campaign season already. mark halprin, is that the play for republican candidates now, to attack the party elite in washington, d.c.? >> it's the play for people like sarah palin and jim demint. i think in general people like -- running the campaign committees, gubernatorial campaign committee, way want one unified message, particularly on the deficit and taxes to say we have a common cause with elites
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and the establishment -- the establishment and the grassroots to say, put a check on obama. those fights between the elites and the grassroots that sarah palin is having now i think will come a cropper in january. >> hey, mark, going back to bill for a minute, you had an interesting take yesterday when we were e-mailing as we do from time to time. >> like little teenage girls. >> it's like a party line, exactly. >> i was using my sidekick to send you a text message. >> exactly. >> flipped open with rhinestones. you were saying bill clinton's approach was more about inclusiveness and let's not write off some people, perhaps held some lessons for president obama. >> you talked about "the new york times" story that says the white house is thinking about demonizing the republican party by tieing them to the tea party. bill clinton's strategy, he's a genius on politics, as you saw in the clip in talking to david
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gregory reaching out saying these people have good impulseses, they want to balance budget. the barack obama says he wants to balance the budget, too, if his heme are attacking this group which is getting the nation focused on budget balancing, it sends a bad message. it yields anyone angry about the deficit to vote for republicans. i think bill clinton has the smarter play here, rather than demonizing trying to bring in people concerned about the debt and the deficit. >> we just got an e-mail from savannah guthrie who has been talking to people at the white house and the dnc, she can't find anybody there -- >> one senior administration official says the article is simply not true. >> can't find anybody that thinks this is a good idea, probably for the reasons that mark just said. and listen, i know it's a drinking game on the west coast every time i say 1994 or when i was in congress. >> you say it a lot. >> i have to say it a lot.
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>> we're going to be drunk. >> where are the vodka shots? >> seattle kids, get the beer out. here is the deal. what bill clinton faced in 1994 with the pro people was the same thing, the same thing barack obama is facing right now with the tea party people. the hard-core tea party people, i'm talking fiscal conservatives, they talk about the deficit, they talk about the constitution, they talk about less government, they are the people who elected me four times, right? so in 1992, some of them voted for the guy from arkansas, the southern baptist from arkansas, bill clinton. they got angry in 1994 and they voted for newt gingrich and a lot of people like me. i didn't realize until after the election when these people came back after i was in power, they started lobbying me for issues that were big government issues.
6:15 am
like there were a lot of union people in there who were just disconnected to bill clinton. but bill clinton, instead of demonizing them, what did he do? he brought in dick morris and tried to appeal to him. mark halprin, my memory is a little fuzzy because of all the witch craft going on in the 1990s, but what happened in 1996. >> bill clinton reached out to all those people and got the center back which was inconceivable in 1994. barack obama and his people spend their time demonizing the tea party. bill clinton is vfollowing the dick tim, what's mine is mine and what's yours we'll negotiate over. >> exactly. in this case again we have a real-life case study, bill clinton wins them in '92, wins them in '94, brings in dick morris. he says i don't want you advertising in new york and l.a. -- i want you advertising in panama city. we have to win those people
6:16 am
back. they did and they got re-elected. >> dick morris said one other thing, he said abracadabra. >> he did. that's the '90, right? >> it's good. it's good. you go too far with the joke, it's boring. >> we're going to test this theory out of yours, mika. next a first look at the top stories inside the politico playbook. what would it take -- >> what about the "bewitched" -- >> i can do that. peyton versus eli manning, on sunday night football they matched up for the second time in their careers. we'll show you how this one played out. first bill karins with a check on the forecast. >> good morning everyone. hope you had a wonderful weekend. the big story was hurricane igor, monster category 4. it hit bermuda, not that strong. a cat 1.
6:17 am
a lot of trees down. we can thank this cold front for keeping the storm off the coast. it's going to push up through the maritimes. also hot today in the southeast. let's bring you your forecast. we'll continue to watch temperatures for the most part that are cool this morning and this afternoon with sunny skies. it's going to be a beautiful afternoon. 78 in philly. 79 in d.c. temperature up around boston a little cooler at 72. the southeast, these are the last days of summer. it's certainly going to feel like it. 90-degree heat from raleigh to atlanta, all the way through florida. look at denver at 92. and dallas once again at 94. the summer, not ending any time soon. you're watching "morning joe" on this monday brood by starbucks.
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joe," new york city mayor michael bloomberg making news over the weekend -- [ female announcer ] it can creep up on you. dry skin. that's why there's lubriderm® daily moisture. it contains the same nutrients naturally found in healthy skin. skin absorbs it better and it lasts for 24 hours. later gator. lubriderm. your moisture matched.
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this. it turns out that joaquin phoenix's two-year stint of acting crazy and weird was a performance for a new movie he has coming out. when he heard that, mel gibson was like, "me, too." got you, guys. >> all right. it's 22, just about, past the hour. time to take a look at the morning papers.
6:22 am
let's start with the "st. petersburg times." a permanent cement plug has sealed bp's well for good in the gulf of mexico. five agonizing months after an explosion sank a drilling rig and led to the worst offshore oil spill in u.s. history. >> "usa today," fund-raising for midterm congressional election ss smashing records as republicans and allies stage an all-out push to seize control of congress. >> so far house republicans have the edge, though, raiseing more than $365 million since january of 2009. >> the rank raj daily news has this as their headline, senator lisa murkowski and challenger joe miller hit the national talk shows on sunday. murkowski called miller extreme while miller claimed federal unemployment benefits are not -- it was nice of them to do the sunday shows, though. because there were some candidates who were lined up on
6:23 am
the major sunday talk shows and canceled, just canceled. >> she was exhausted. >> she's busy. >> she has a good sense of irony. after the talk of the satanic picnics, she said in a statement she had to attend a picnic. >> she also said she had to go to the church picnic. >> do you think it's the katie couric phenomenon, that some people said be careful and stay away -- >> don't you think the legitimate thing would be to focus on your state and stop trying to be a star? someone could have said that. >> i think it was smart advice. i would have stayed off. it's like with rand paul, stop doing national shows and do a local lexington affiliate. it's the same thing with mcdonald. >> she shouldn't have booked them in the first place. >> that was a mistake.
6:24 am
mabel an adviser got excited. >> uberous. >> state of delaware. those national things won't help to get votes. >> and could hurt. >> could very well hurt. especially the stuff where you've said things. this witchcraft thing, seriously. >> i don't care about that. >> it's nothing. i would hate for people to go back and bring back the things i said. sometimes you say stupid things. i say stupid things all the time. >> we're not talking about you, but yeah, some of these things are silly. >> there's a lot of tape on you, joe. >> there's a lot of tape on me. and there's ugly tape on me, too. but i've repented. it's okay. and those -- it was the summer of love. who remembers what happened in '67? >> mika says politico. let's go to mr. mike allen from politico with a look at the
6:25 am
playbook. >> good morning, guys. we decided "i dabbled in witchcraft but didn't join the coven." we decided that's the new "i didn't inhale." >> the coven was my contribution. >> some republicans have said they want to repeal obama care if they take power. let's talk about the reality of actually doing that. how would they go about that? >> willie, repeal and replace is rhetoric. republicans recognize that's not going to happen. the only way they can replace it is if they get the white house in 2013. and even that would be slr difficult. so they've settled on a strategy of nibbling around the edges. they're going to look for places they can slow it down, that they can take away the money from it. joe is going to love this. the congressional budget office estimates that the irs and the health and human services department will each needed 5
6:26 am
billion to $10 billion each over the next ten years to do their part in implements obama care. so republicans are going to try to cut back on that money as a way of weakening the law. >> do you love that? >> i love it. >> i can tell. >> the hair just went up on the back of my neck. the bottom line, mike, it's a good campaign line, but there's no reality in repealing and replacing. >> right. but they do have a very specific plan if republicans get a claimer or two, they do find ways to weaken it and to delay it and make it harder for president obama to run on it as a big accomplishment. >> mike, thanks. >> thank you, mike. >> you have good stuff on steve rat ner's new book out today. >> overhaul. >> thank you very much. time for a quick look at sports. if you went to bed early, you missed the manning bowl. brothers peyton and eli going against each other.
6:27 am
peyton won the first one and won pretty easily last night. there's the younger broth, eli of the giants and peyton of the colts, getting ready, facing off for the second time of their careers. there's archie and olivia watching upstairs. in the second quarter, peyton opened it up early, a touchdown to dallas clark. 50-yard touch down. the colts led big at half-time. in the third quarter, eli back to pass, tries to throw, he's stripped. loose ball recovered in the end zone for a touchdown. indy wins in a blowout. >> they looked good last week. >> but the panthers aren't so hot. colts recover after losing to the texans. peyton now 2-0 against his brother. giants running back brandon jacobs apologized for an incident in the third quarter where he threw his helmet into the stands. you don't do stuff like that. >> he says he didn't do it on purpose.
6:28 am
he meant to throw it down in disgust and it sailed on him. you know how a helmet with sail on you. >> sometimes when i'm trying to hit the ground when i throw a helmet down, it goes up. >> a colts' fan caught it and refused to give it back. security had to take it away from him. brandon jacobs -- >> why do they take it away? i think that's a fair trophy. >> i'm with you. like when you catch a bat at a baseball game. >> i'm sure the nfl will fine him. >> jets meanwhile as we told you looking for the first win hosting the patriots. second quarter, did you see this catch. >> we're not trying to cause no trouble, just doing the super bowl shuffle. >> never even goes to the secondhand. burning darrelle rivas. >> third quarter, mark sanchez, a two-yard touchdown pass. jets put it away here. up by seven points.
6:29 am
sanchez rolls out, hits dustin keller to put the game away. jets win 28-14. >> and willie, show, again, the tabloids that were brutal last week, they've suddenly -- >> they've come around. >> i have to say last week we knocked them around. but i loved them. they just need to shut the hell up. >> tom brady, 14 points. my wife tells me it was the battle of the two best-looking quarterbacks in the history of the nvl. i'm just passing that on. >> my wife was looking at rafael nadal ad. she was just like stopped every time to look at it. >> why do you objectify men all the time, you women? >> it should make you feel great. you don't like being objectified, gentlemen? >> go ahead, willie. >> you love it. >> brett favre perhaps should have stayed in mississippi this fall. miami visiting minnesota. third quarter, brett favre dropping back into his own end
6:30 am
zone, hit from behind. the ball comes loose. dolphins jump on it for a td. >> if he had actually gone to practice -- >> fourth quarter. vikings with a chance to go up, down 14-10. stuffed on fourth down. couldn't get it four times. adrian peterson stopped a huge stand for the dolphins, dropped minnesota now to 0-2. >> cowboys also 0-2 after losing yesterday to the bears. second quarter, vanderbilt's own jay cutler throws one in the back of the end zone. devon hester makes a great one-handed catch. they reviewed it, gave him the touchdown. isn't that an incredible catch. >> chicago puts it away. cutler to forte. cowboys now 0-2. bears win 27-17. >> cowboys are just not good? >> they're not good. michael vick making his first start in a few years now taking on the lions in detroit.
6:31 am
13 seconds left in the first half. vick with a nine-yard bullet to maclin. 21-17 eagles there. detroit did fight back. but philly wins 35-32. the redskins held a big lead, 27-10. watch what happens. game tied at 27. redskins appear to win on a long 52-yard field goal. the stadium goes crazy. texans coach called time-out just before the snap. the redskins line up again, going for the win. this time, though, ooh, it's pushed right. they had the win take even away from them by a time-out. they missed there. that set up a 35-yard field goal for the texans. texans steal a win 30-27. coming backs from a 17-point deficit in that game. skins -- >> did donovan do okay? >> he did good. i think they'll be all right. yankees and rays start a
6:32 am
huge four-game series today in new york. yankees were looking to sweep the orioles in baltimore. andy pettitte, his first start in two months after the groin injury in july strikes out corey patterson. petitte looked good. one run on three hits. bottom of the ninth, mario rivera in to put the game away, something he does repeatedly and well, but not yesterday. luke scott ties the game with a solo home run. in the extras, orioles ties. orioles beat the yankees 4-3 in 11 innings. >> how do you feel about the yankee sns. >> making it a little uneasy. the story will be this week when they play the rays. yankees have a half-game lead going into the series. >> who has the momentum? over the past two weeks, who has been the better team, the rays or the yankee sns. >> the rays have been better. do you know who is really good, the minnesota twins.
6:33 am
they look great. they might end up with the best record in baseball. don't you think, mika? >> yes. >> it would be something if we're debating the red sox and the yankees and the rays down in florida and the twins sneak up on everybody? >> it could be minnesota. chuck todd's division, padres, giants, rockies, a lot of good stuff going on. in just a few minutes dr. jeffrey sachs will be here. "morning joe" is brewed by starbucks. [ male announcer ] you are a business pro. lord of the carry-on. sovereign of the security line. you never take an upgrade for granted. and you rent from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle. and go. you can even take a full-size or above.
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welcome back to "morning joe." new york city mayor michael bloomberg making news over the weekend with his extensive interview with "the new york times." the front page interview raises new speculation about his possible presidential ambitions. >> you think he's going to run? >> i'm thinking. >> in the interview bloomberg confirms he's trying to pull politics back to the middle by helping candidates across the country, republicans, democrats and independents fend off the tea party. the candidates include meg
6:38 am
whitman, the republican running for governor of california and lincoln chaef fee a republican turned independent running for governor of rhode island. he plans to host a fund-raiser in manhattan for democrat harry reid, the senate majority leader facing tea party candidate sharon engel who is being backed by sarah palin. in the interview, the mayor says this, joe, people are angry, their anger is understandable. washington isn't working. he goes on to say, anger, however, is not a government strategy. it's not a way to govern. that, of course, joe, has been the theme of this show for three years. >> i love that line. anger is not a government strategy. the mayor is right. he really is. according to "the times" bloomberg is going to be helping candidates not bound by rigid ideology. that's the message we've been trying to emphasize here and also in my book. we've been doing it every day on "morning joe." what we try to do is encourage politicians and thought leaders and every american to follow the
6:39 am
advice of an old british war poster that carried a very simple message, keep calm and carry on. that was the message, mika, that fdr delivered to a battered nation in the depths of the great depression when he declared to all americans that all we have to fear is fear itself. it's also the message that bobby kennedy delivered to a shocked and embittered nation on the night that martin luther king was assassinated. i do believe that's the message americans need to here today because today our nation is confronting a new war. and it's a war of words. we've forgotten how to talk to each other. you've got political extremes who are dominating the airwaves and dominating the national debate. you know, what the white house calls the professional left, as well as what we call the far right now profit for division and hate speech that makes our political system weaker. yet, isn't it strange that washington politicians seem to
6:40 am
obsess over those angry voices on the professional left and the far right instead of seeking out voices of people like you, rational americans who show respect to their neighbors, who raise their families, who go to work and who play by the rules? it's time for you, you quiet americans, to respond, not with angry words or hateful commentaries or setting your hair on fire, calling a republican president a fascist or a democratic president a fascist, but rather to respond with reasonable voices and a rational debate. now, we're going to continue like we've done for three years to encourage viewers and guests to resist the pull of those people on the far right and the professional left who seek division. we're going to say, resist that and instead, let's keep focusing on the task at hand, ensuring that america's greatest days lie ahead. >> what we do here and what
6:41 am
we'll continue to do is we will call out those who preach hate and will continue to celebrate civility and promote open debate where voices on all sides are welcome. as joe and i try to show you every day, and i think we do a pretty good job, interpret when you interrupt me. >> except when you hit me. >> well, there's that. but that you can disagree without being disagreeable. >> mika, the mayor is right. more than ever americans need to work together, keep calm and carry on. i like the mayor's message. anger is not a governing message and it's not a governing message when republicans are in power, not a governing message when democrats are in power. we need too keep it together. >> dr. jeffrey sachs is next. >> do you think he'll be angry? >> no. he's very calm and collective. >> keep calm and carry on. we'll be right back. ♪ we'll make everything okay ♪ walk together the right way
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there are so many rocks in our nap sack now that we're having trouble carrying it. i think the president has to, like a razor blade go right after the single issue that is uppermost in the minds of the american people, and that's employment. and he's done a lot with health care, with cap and trade, education. and i understand the importance of all of that, but as far as the american people are concerned, the main attack is employment. i think he has lost some of the ability to connect that he had during the campaign. and it is not just me picking on the president. it's reflected in the polling. >> all right. >> he struck two things that we've been striking for a long time. one is jobs, jobs, jobs. two, he talked about civility in politician. >> and bill clinton was on "meet the press" yesterday. a lot to cover with that. at 45 past the hour, joining us the director of the earth institute and special advisor to
6:46 am
u.n. secretary general dr. jeffrey sachs. >> did you come to yell today or are you going to be calm? >> i'll be very civil this morning. i want to thank you for what you said. this is a country getting a little uncivil and i think it's really important that we actually talk to each other. we're not solving problems through the soughting way. i appreciate it. >> we were in new hampshire on friday and joe was talking to people there, and he said, you know, the new approach that could be effective would be to actually be nice and actually be kind. >> what's going on there? >> we've been saying for years this is what you need to do. we've been going out and giving speeches. everybody agrees. i figure we're in new hampshire and i said, let me tell you, it was hope and change in 2008. let me tell you the radical political message of 2012. show restraint in spending and
6:47 am
be nice. you can say, if you're a republican, i like barack obama. i respect him as a man. i think he's a great father. i think he's a great dad. i know he loves his country, just all those things you could say about george w. bush as well. i just disagree with him. that is -- and how sad, jeffrey, that that is a radical message in 2010. >> and even if we started to talk a little bit, we would find out that there are ways to get agreements as well. >> exactly. >> all this shouting is pure game and pure posturing obviously. >> and it's a profit-making center for a lot of people. >> everybody is talking their book. that's what this is about. the world is noisy, so you scream to get your message, your position, your investment across, and that's all this is. it's a huge gain and we're not getting anywhere except we're going down right now in the country because of this. everybody feels that the only
6:48 am
way they get attention is to take the most extreme position so that someone talks about their article, someone blogs their site, someone responds. and this is pretty dangerous at this point. >> and we were talking in break about how we're not getting things done in washington. and you brought up a great point, following up on what jeffrey said. it's about driving book sales. it's about driving ratings. it's about driving your radio share as well, not just on tv but also on radio and grabbing attention, but that leads to extreme results at ballot boxes on the left and the right. >> and maybe to sound bite politics and sound bite politicians, the people we see rising above the fray, as jeff was saying, are the people who are able to say that, you know, two-sentence zinger which may not be substantive, which probably doesn't meet the mike
6:49 am
bloomberg requirement of actually being a governing strategy, but it makes headlines. we talk about it around tables like this and people get elected. >> bloomberg is on i think a very good message with this. >> mark halprin, michael bloomberg, you asked him if he's going to run for president, he says, no, i'd never be able to do it. that's just not the case. this is a guy that right now is trying to seek the middle ground, trying to say no to the professional left and the far right. and he's charting a centrist course, and he may have $3 billion, $3 billion to promote that message if he decides to write himself a check. maybe his time has come. >> there's two other factors here. one is, given his age -- 2012 is the last time he can realistically run. and the other thing is, he thinks he would be a better president than barack obama and he thinks he'd be a better president than all the republicans lining up to run.
6:50 am
that's a great motivator for anybody to get into the race, if you genuinely think in your heart you would be the best. the problem right now is we don't have a presidential election for two years. if the kind of attitude that's going to be tapped into not by bloomberg in 2012 but 2011, it's going to have to be from barack obama getting a fresh start. i think whoever his new chief of staff is will have to be committed to that goal and go against the democratic party if it's going to happen. still ahead, the special envoy to afghanistan and pakistan will be here, richard holbrooke will be here. dr. sachs is sticking around. >> we haven't talked about the millennium goal -- >> that's when he sets his hair on fire and starts waving and screaming. before we get to african development which is important but not quite as important as witchcraft, we'll talk about witchcraft. >> not anointed really. >> with the help of bill maher.
6:51 am
christine o'donnell talking about the satanic picnic. we'll get to it when we come back. replant a forest? maybe you want to rebuild homes for those in need? or, maybe you want to help improve our schools? whatever you want to do, members project from american express can help you take the first step. vote, volunteer or donate for the causes you believe in at take charge of making a difference.
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they're not just trading in, they're trading up. qualified lessees can get low mileage lease on this 2011 malibu ls for around one ninety-nine a month. call for details. the switch to chevy starts at words alone aren't enough. our job is to listen and find ways to help workers who lost their jobs to the spill. i'm iris cross. we'll keep restoring the jobs, tourist beaches, and businesses impacted by the spill. we've paid over $400 million in claims and set up a $20 billion independently-run claims fund. i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here. i'm gonna be here until we make this right. time for our knew daily segment focusing on witchcraft. it starts here, starts today. christine o'donnell, you've
6:55 am
heard by now, has a long history of being on tv. bill maher is the man who holds many of those clips because she was a regular guest on his show in the late '90s called "politically incorrect." >> i dabbled in witchcraft. i didn't join a coven. >> i love this. i was a witch. >> that's exactly why. >> because i dabbled into witchcraft. i hung around people who were doing these things. >> are they fun? >> i'm not making stuff u up. i know what they told me we do. one of my dates, my first date. >> whoa, whoa, whoa. i want to hear about this. >> one of my first dates with a witch was on a satanic altar. there was some blood there. went to movie and had a midnight picnic at a satanic altar. >> she had a midnight pick nikt
6:56 am
at a satanic altar. there was a little blood and everything. >> you know, usually i like to say it happens. this is just in a new -- i'm a live-and-let-live kind of guy. this is out there even for me. a little bit of blood? >> bill maher rolled that out on his show on fld night. >> maybe it was like a chicken. >> you're going to mess with peta. it's just a chicken? christine o'donnell yesterday was at the barbecue that forced her to skip the sunday show. she responded to the witchcraft story. >> that witchcraft comment on bill maher, i was in high school. how many of you didn't hang out with questionable folks in high school. but no, there's been no witchcraft since. if there was, karl rove would be a supporter now. >> that's a good line. >> that's a good line. i'm sorry that's a good line.
6:57 am
i hung out with questionable people in high school, but not witches and warlocks. >> who know sacrifice. as you said at the top of the show in seriousness, this is just a punch line, has no implications for her. >> i'm telling her, i like her response there. this woman is -- >> couldn't it be good from her? >> it's great for her. she learned a lot on tv. >> look who is back. >> by the way, really quickly. if she doesn't come on "morning joe," we're going to show clips of "scar borrow country" every day. wait, she already said she'd come here. richard holbrooke next on "morning joe." my name is vonetta, and i suffer from allergies. [ male announcer ] we asked zyrtec® users
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7:01 am
after the 1994 election, one of the first things that speaker gingrich says was that hillary and i were the enemy of normal mayor cans. every time something bad happened in america he blamed it on the 1960s culture, even one woman who drown her children and it turned out she had been abused by her stepfather who was a local right wing republican leader. he said, nonetheless, they were infected by all those democratic bad things. that's just what he does when he's running. he's out there playing politics, and it's his schtick. he knows better. he's a smart man. >> so much there. >> seriously, there is only one way to describe that, mika, what he just did.
7:02 am
and it would be like just off the shoulder. >> that was a flick. >> he just flicked him off and that laugh that was such a con tell ous laugh. >> you can ask him about it because you're going to be interviewing bill clinton on thursday. >> he's right. >> it's great how he does that. >> susan smith, right, drown her kids, the republican who drown her kids. >> and gingrich blamed him. >> newt gingrich continues, we have called him out on comparing islam to naziism, and other outrageous comments. at the values voters summit i saw something over the weekend -- i'm sorry. hold on. let me try to get this out. >> keep a straight face. >> -- where he compared kathleen sebelius to joseph stalin, something to do with department of agriculture, something or
7:03 am
other. i think stalin killed about 40 million russians. i don't want to talk about him much more. i really don't, because he's obviously going to keep coming out with these outrageous comments. does he really believe this is his play to the republican nomination? or is he trying to sell books, as jeffrey sachs said? >> bill clinton was pretty gentle compared so to some of the things i heard from republicans. i talked to one of the senior figures of the republican party who is close to newt gingrich and he expressed extraordinary disappointment. i was taken aback that whatever the intent, the statements are outside the bounds of sensibility. in fact, i don't think will help him become the republican nominee. a lot of republicans who like him i think will be disinclined to support him if they think he'll make statements like that in the general election and he'll lose 45 statements. >> i said before, i'll say it again. he's selling books. unfortunately as we said last hour, whether it's the
7:04 am
professional left or in this case the professional right, people make extreme statements that may drive up ratings, may sell books. but they hurt america. they hurt america. they coarse en the debate. >> i don't think they're representative of really where most people are. so we have mark halprin still with us, dr. jeffrey sachs still with us. joining us now, the special representative for afghanistan and pakistan, ambassador richard holbrooke who just returned from flood-ravaged regions of pakistan. we should begin right there. ifts a story simply not being told enough. thanks for coming on the show this morning. >> good to be back. >> give us a sense of what you saw and the size and the scope of the flooding. >> what i saw was an immense tragedy, an area the size of italy, an area which on the map i think we have here superimposed on the u.s., stretches from the canadian border all the way down to the
7:05 am
florida border, just superimposed. about 20 million people are out of their homes. deaths have been a lot less than the tsunami or the haitian earthquake. >> a little over 1500 deaths. >> well, close to 2,000. the number is mercifully less. but what you've got now is a devastation, the greatest floods in history in the country. i saw two kinds of areas, joe. first, the areas in the province of cyn where the waters are still rising, and people are clinging to dikes, small little dikes, some in refugee camps. up a little further north in molton the waters are receding. in the first case you have to
7:06 am
keep them alive and feed them. the pakistanis and international agencies are doing a pretty good job. in the other area they're starting the go back. what's going to happen is they're going back home but there's no homes to go back to. the livestock is gone, the crops are gone, everything is gone. there is's's going to be a staggering thing there. >> those are state department numbers, 18 million people affected. 1,667 estimated deaths. 1.2 million homes damaged. >> richard, let me ask you, when we were talking about this before, why is it that after the tsunami you had every news organization rush over there? is it because it was a huge event, it came in, the waters receded and then we could tell all those stories? why haven't we had the same type of coverage in pakistan? >> part of it may be fatigue with this kind of issue. part of it may be pakistan's overall image in the u.s. the deeper reason is media driven. tsunamis and earthquakes are bang, they happen, the press
7:07 am
moves in immediately with stories of miraculous rescue. here it sounded first like another floods-in-asia story. people didn't realize this was a historically significant event and that it was going to transform pakistan. secretary clinton and i and president obama were all over this in the beginning, we were out in the media talking about it. the u.s. came in already with about $350 million. i'm proud to say this as an american, joe, we're the first in with the most. senator john kerry and chairman howard burnham have said reprogram money you have in our economic civilian economic assistance program for this and we'll work on it later. the house of representatives passed the vote by 396-2 last week, not only supporting the pakistan people but inviting us to reprogram this very substantial thing. so it isn't that the u.s.
7:08 am
government ignored it. as of the media, i leave that to you. you're mr. media. >> i'm just a poor country lawyer, richard. >> can i say one more thing? you said about the clinton global initiative. i'm going to be speaking there tomorrow at the request of president clinton to discuss that. i think -- i don't think people have ignored it inside the government. >> no, no, no. >> but the u.n. issued the biggest appeal in its history. it's very tough for americans with our own problems to worry about this. but it is really important in every term, humanitarian. pakistan is hugely important. >> we have to worry about this not only because it's a tragedy and very unstable part of the world and very dangerous place, but this is the world we're creating because this year has been a year of devastating weather all over the world because of long-term climate change. this is an example of what's
7:09 am
happening more and more. in some places you have these massive floods because of intense rains. in other places you had the worst droughts, and in the horn of africa where we have other insurgency problems and instability, there you had massive droughts. you have desperate people on the move. then you have the military, u.s. military going in and so on. what we're not doing is understanding that at the core of this, we're not taking care of the future. in fact, you know, this newspaper, the wall stre"wall s journal" says climate change is a myth. people that read this believe it and we're creating a world that is going to be extremely dangerous, and it's getting more dangerous all the time. and it's because we're pretending. dick's doing great work trying to get attention. but we're going to see this kind of crisis all over the place because we pretend that nothing is happening because we want to. because that's the votes, that's
7:10 am
the special interests here. that's what's happening. >> with great respect to jeff, i don't want to plight size this issue. as far as global warming goes, what global warming was a factor in pakistan. it's very important to recognize because the meltoff from the himalayas is growing. so the water went up over the barricades. i want to focus on the similar fact that people are about to go home and they have no homes. they'll come in to stagnant water areas. kids under 5 are going to have dysentery. we haven't had any health crisis yet. we'll have cholera and dysentery and the american people can do their part here as individuals. they can take out their cell phones right now. they can text swat for swat and send it to 50555 that. will give $10 to the u.n. high commission on refugees, swat, 50555 and we can all do our
7:11 am
part. hillary clinton launched an appeal. hundreds of thousands of dollars have come in from ordinary citizens. very large pakistani american community in this country is mobilized. there are things we can all do. >> and they can clue in, first, on the issue for first. i want to ask you also about another major issue that we should be talking about across the board in this country. and that's afghanistan. we were in new hampshire on friday. the audience very well-informed voters there were asking some questions why are we there. >> how long are we going to be there? >> why don't we have more skin in the game? >> isn't that interesting. we had the entire group of new hampshire voters, republicans, democrats, independents. we couldn't find one person out of that large group at the new hampshire institute of politics that supported the war. >> i know. >> everybody is asking the same question, why are we there and how long are we there? >> given the fact that the parliamently elections happened last saturday and it didn't go so well, how would you
7:12 am
characterize how that went and where we go from here? >> i don't know how the elections went. the voting was the day before yesterday. it was -- the turnout was like 40%. what's the turnout in an off year in the united states? this is an election in the middle of a war. it's damn hard to have an election like that. it's going to be filled with irregularities. they have a voting system in which 9 out of 10 candidates will lose because you don't have organized parties. on the larger issue, mika and joe, i'm curious about the people in new hampshire. you said nobody supported the war? which side were they on? were they in favor of greater involvement or -- >> less. >> then the issue arises as to why we're in afghanistan. we know president bush went into afghanistan after 9/11 with unanimous support. we all got diverted to eye lack and had a bitter domestic
7:13 am
quarrel. the core reason still exists. there are people out there, i'm looking behind you at times square. a few weeks ago, somebody who went to pakistan for his training came back to that square and tried to blow a lot of people up. >> pakistan, right. not afghanistan. >> on the border. on the border. the reason my job as special representative for pakistan and afghanistan is because the two are closely related. afghanistan is a tough, tough problem. let's not kid ourselves. >> but, richard, how long are we going to be there? yes, you're right. the person that went in and tried to blow up times square was trained in pakistan. you're right, most americans supported us going in to afghanistan in 2001. nine years ago, when that was the center of al qaeda's operations. right now the director of the cia says there are 50 members of al qaeda in all of afghanistan. things have changed over the past nine years.
7:14 am
>> the issue in afghanistan is much more complicated than that. what happens in afghanistan and pakistan are closely integrally related. >> i understand. of course. but the question is how long do we stay? what's the end game when the fact is we could send a million troops into afghanistan and our enemies would have to move across the border into pakistan. >> you can make all these statements if you want. but let me respond, mika. let's set the elections aside for a minute. >> the problem is, richard, you don't have enough time to respond. >> we certainly don't. >> you're a man of few words, but go ahead. we're going to stop talking. we've dominated this 14-minute segment. >> i'll wait until the two of you are finished and then i'll respond. seriously mika. >> any time, joe. >> that's why i love you. >> this is not an easy problem,
7:15 am
mika. and the connection between the two countries is self-evident. when we came into office they weren't connected. president obama and secretary clinton asked me to do the two. what happens in afghanistan affects what happens in pakistan and vice versa. now, to your point, i understand fully the difficulties. those of us working on the problem day and night really do get it. and general petraeus has got a strategy which is going to -- which is focusing on counterinsurgency. and my role is to support the civilian side of that which we're doing very well with programs which no one in the media ever pays attention to, agriculture, rule of law, counter narcotics, anti corruption and so on. it's very tough in that environment. back to your point, joe. if you start -- if you just start pulling out, the chain reaction that you're going to have -- and i don't like the idea of domino theory because i
7:16 am
lived through that war back in vietnam. but if you pull out the way you seem to be suggesting, the way the good people of new hampshire seem to be suggesting, i can guarantee you that the effect in pakistan and yemen and elsewhere will be adversarial to our security interests at home. president obama is committed to defending the homeland. we are on this strategy of succeeding in afghanistan in order to succeed in pakistan. the president said at west point last december that he would re-evaluate at the end of this year. prior to that there's a very important event which hasn't gotten any attention yet, but i think it's worth starting to think about it. in the third week of november the nato summit in lisbon which president obama will be at. those series of events will focus on strategy. i know you're going to have a ferocious debate on this
7:17 am
program, because more than any other show i watch, you've been focused on afghanistan. and that's quite a legitimate thing. so the american public, while legitimately concerned -- and every concern you've just expressed has been expressed in the situation room at the white house and the meetings we've had with the president, has to be taken into account the risks to our national interests and our security. it's very ironic because behind you i'm looking at the area which they tried to attack. that was right on the border. if the taliban and al qaeda come back into afghanistan, it will -- they'll have larger terrain to operate on. >> we're past the hard break. i know mark and geoffrey wanted to get in. we have to go to break. richard, we appreciate you being here. >> thank you very much for coming. >> what we'll do because we think the message needs to get
7:18 am
out, we'll full screen throughout the rest of this show and this week. it's swat and 50555. >> $10 goes to the refugee commission at the u.n and you can do it up to three times a month. >> mr. holbrooke, thank you so much. you've got the toughest job. it is a -- >> after yours. >> oh, we won't even start with that. chuck todd has this morning's developing headlines out of the white house including a preview of the president's town hall meeting today. also ahead, peter king takes us through all the action from week two in the nfl. we'll be right back with more "morning joe." [ female announcer ] it can creep up on you. dry skin. that's why there's lubriderm® daily moisture. it contains the same nutrients naturally found in healthy skin. skin absorbs it better and it lasts for 24 hours. later gator. lubriderm. your moisture matched.
7:19 am
later gator. president obama: yeah, i took a trip to elkhart, indiana, today. elkhart's a place that has lost jobs faster than anywhere else in america, and the people who've lost them have no idea what to do i took a trip to elkhart, indiana. it's a place that lost jobs
7:20 am
faster than anywhere else in america. nd food banks, nd food banks, even as the food banks don't have enough to meet the demand. [ monkey cheeps ] [ male announcer ] a bath becomes even more pleasurable when you know that your water is being heated in an environmentally- conscious way while saving you hundreds of dollars on your water-heating energy bill. the geospring water heater from ge with advanced hybrid technology. heating the water in your home any other way is just going to seem primitive. [ monkey cheeps ] ♪ maryland residents can save up to $780 while funds last.
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i want to go thaw out, get outside and see iowa. todd says, i don't know, i think you should go downstairs, run on that treadmill. i said why would i want to stay
7:22 am
indoors? todd says because i guarantee you, if anybody spots you in the tennis shoes, the headline is going to be "vanity fair," they're going to say "palin in iowa, decides to run." >> or not. >> and welcome back to "morning joe." actually they may not care. >> they may not even notice. >> everybody wanted to get in and ask richard a question. sadly we're off at 9:00. jeffrey sachs, you first. by the way, he does have -- >> it's a tough job. >> and deserved some time. >> we're spending $100 billion in afghanistan. >> as we explained in new hampshire. >> $100 billion. >> $2 billion a week. >> that's amazing. every single troop is a million bucks in afghanistan per year. one million bucks, do you know what you can do in villages if you did it a different way, clinics, schools, agriculture.
7:23 am
talks about hearts and minds, 100,000 soldiers, $100 billion, they've got to wrong -- i'm sorry. what's the strategy? that's the problem. >> $2 billion a week. people in new hampshire say, if we knew what the end game was -- it is, as they say whack-a-mole. how long do we get tied down in one country because of what's happening in another country? >> that's what i was going to ask him. the argument that people are there that want to hurt us, it could be made 50 years from now. so how long do you stay there and invest in that one place? one of the reasons that want to hurt us, these are very poor, hungry, unstable places. and instead of investing this much, a tiny bit to address the problems, a tiny bit would solve some problems. >> mark halprin, this is not a radical strategy judging from what we heard in new hampshire and what we heard across america for the past year or two, a candidate that goes out there
7:24 am
and says it's time to leave afghanistan. it's time to leave iraq is a candidate that's going to pick up a lot of votes on the republican side as well as the democratic side. but nobody is going to say it. >> i've been amazed how little the administration has done to try to keep up support for the war. there was a story over the weekend in "the washington post" that said this review in december that's coming due to look at what the strategy should be is going to endorse more of the same stay the course. if that's true, we'll run into next year with republican presidential candidates facing the choice and maybe one of them coming forward saying this war needs to end. >> unfortunately the official position is barack obama is not tough enough in afghanistan. what do they want? $3 billion a week? let's go to the white house and change tracks. chuck todd is there. chuck, the lead store i have of "the new york times," obama advisors weigh in on assault against the gop, weigh an offensive against the gop and
7:25 am
the tea partiers. everyone at the white house we've heard is pushing back on this story. "the new york times" doesn't make stuff like this up, do they? >> no. it's hard to assume. call around to everybody who might possibly be in a meeting like that, and haven't been able to match this reporting at all. >> what do you think is happening here? >> look, the fact is, i have heard this debate inside democratic circles for a while which is this back-and-forth about whether to go national, not to go national. clearly the folks that are running the senate and house committees, they don't want that because they feel like that they have a pathway to survival by localizing these things. and if you nationalize it, it makes it that much harder to individualize a race and be able to single somebody out saying, look, this person may be calling for change or calling for something, but, boy, they are way out of the mainstream. you nationalize it and there's this fear among folks on the
7:26 am
house and senate side that actually makes it harder for you to single out the folks you think are out of the mainstream, whether it's christine o'donnell or whatever. >> let me ask you as a guy who wrote a book on the most important swing areas in america two years ago, what's the play? do you nationalize the election if you're the white house? or do you try to have people keep them local, especially in the swing areas that you wrote about? >> i think at this point they have a firewall possibility, which is they can save the senate. if the president can motivate parts of his base at all, it can help in senate races. i don't think it can help in a house race really anywhere in the country outside of hawaii, the one there that is sitting out there. but in some senate races, whether it's california, whether it's washington state, frankly, whether it's philadelphia and figuring out how to get turnout up there for sestak, there are ways to use the president, to nationalize, to try to get his base out that you can maybe
7:27 am
piecemeal together and sort of hold off republicans from picking up the senate. nationalizing it, it's hard to imagine how that works. >> how it works. >> let's talk about what we just saw. >> mika, i am not a cynical man. >> you're not? >> i pushed back when leslie stall said within a month barack obama would be going to schur ch. here is leslie stahl from a few weeks ago. >> i am ready to make a bet that within the next two months we see the obama family going to church. >> it's something we haven't seen much of. and again, reagan never went to church. we're not knocking it. >> wonderful. >> my family needs to go to church more. >> could it be contrived? is that what she's saying? >> chuck todd, with a debate raging and i think it's a pathetic debate raging over whether barack obama is a
7:28 am
christian or not when he says he is, lesley stahl says -- >> her implication would be that it would be for visual. that's what i mean by ntrived. >> yes, he's a christian. talk about yesterday, todd. >> sunday he went to church. if we're trying to ascribe motivations, then why does anybody go to church? i guess this is one -- i'm taking a pass. i'm taking a pass on this one. >> willie goes to confession every day. and your bookie goes to your church. >> he goes for me actually. he's a proxy. >> this is a weekend of atonement for my people. this is not the weekend to judge. i'm not doing it. >> nobody is judging anybody here. >> joe, really quick, on afghanistan, think about this. the democrats who have been most supportive of a surge strategy
7:29 am
are probably the first ones to go. the democrats that will be left in the house, particularly in the house will be the most anti-war. that's a big problem for the white house going forward. >> that is. but i would guess that some of these tea partiers that really find alliances with people like ron paul, and you look at rand paul in kentucky, we could have interesting dynamics after this election. >> chuck todd, thanks. when we come back, phil king from nbc "football night in america." you never take an upgrade for granted. and you rent from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle. and go. you can even take a full-size or above. and still pay the mid-size price. i deserve this. [ male announcer ] you do, business pro. you do.
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7:33 am
cap of sunday night football and sunday day football. senior writer for "sports illustrated" magazine peter king on the cover of "sports illustrated," tom brady fell to the jets and mark sanchez yesterday. peter, good to see you. >> there's a rarity, tom brady on the cover of "sports illustrated." he's now been on the cover more than joe montana. >> is that right? >> not bad. >> my wife will be happy with that. >> he's a tad charismatic, that brady fellow. >> let's talk about that brady fellow and the jets. the jets after week one said too much hype, talking about the
7:34 am
super bowl and the hard knocks. this team stinks. yesterday, peter, they looked like a contender again. >> mark sanchez yesterday removed about 59 jets fans from the top of the george washington bridge because mark sanchez played like an above-average nfl quarterback which he hasn't done since last january. >> should they throw the ball more? in the first week, 60 yards or something. >> his problem in the first week was he was under constant pressure f. you look at the tape of the game, he's constantly looking short because he's getting battered. i think he played it right. he looked down field a little more because he could. >> two weeks in, where do we rate the jets? >> the jets are a top 10 to 12 team. we'll see. they're getting a lot of injuries. darrelle rivas hurt now. any time you have a corner back with a hamstring injury, don't tell me it's minor. that thing is going to flare up
7:35 am
the rest of the year in my opinion unless he gives it a couple weeks off right now. >> were you surprised by the off season hype, how the jets set themselves up? >> no, because i know rex ryan. i've known rex ryan for a long sometime. he's always been the same guy. he's totally open. i went to interview him in baltimore. he said we've got to hurry up, i'm going to do yoga. this is when he weighed about 360. he's just who he is. >> you like him? >> i love rex ryan. he's great for this game. >> what happened to the giants yesterday? >> the giants aren't good enough. i vastly overrated the giants. i thought they were going to be a good defensive front. they were too leaky yesterday. >> the same story last year, can't stop anybody. n and when you're going against peyton manning, that's a problem when you have no secondary. >> peyton manning playing his brother. i don't care the touchy, feely
7:36 am
stuff, peyton manning is not losing to his little brother. >> what about michael vick? >> i talked to vick yesterday, and he has really grown up. >> has he really? >> a couple years in jail will do that. >> a couple years in jail will slap you in the face. he's a more seasoned guy now. he's more patient, and i think -- i said to him. i said can you wait another year? he said, listen, i can be patient. these guys have given me a chance. i'm grateful for the chance and i think he really means it. >> last week when he came in and did relatively well and praised him, you get the e-mails, how can you cheer for this guy? how is a fan supposed to feel about his success? >> it will never change. any time i write something positive in my monday morning quarterback column, i guarantee you, i wrote something positive this morning, i will get 20 e-mails and 48 tweets, why don't you go hug the dog killer and
7:37 am
look at the carcasses that he laid on the ground in virginia. >> let me say it right here. it's a good story. >> it's a great story. >> it's a great story about a guy that made some terrible mistakes. he went to jail. he paid his debt to society. >> more than others who have done far worse have paid. >> exactly. what peter is telling us is, he's grown up and that's a great story. >> he went to the right team, the philadelphia eagles. andy reid looked upon him as sort of a prodigal son. his sons have been arrested and had drug problems. andy reid was the perfect guy to sort of minister to michael vick at this time in his life. >> and willie, they're a rough group. let's end on two disappointments, brett favre and the vikings 0-2. dallas cowboys 0-2 right now. >> i think the thing with favre
7:38 am
is it's hard to tell how much of it is him and how much it's his surrounding cast. he had a healthy surrounding cast at the start of last year, started slowly and picked up momentum. he's got too many guys hurt right now. he doesn't seem to be playing with that same sort of vin and electricity as last year. maybe the magic isn't there. dallas to me, that's a real, real bad story in my opinion because they had all the weapons and should be a lot better than they are. >> and i think there's a good chance. they're going to have to make some moves before the trading deadline. >> this is why the nfl is great. you just don't know. >> peter king, thank you very much. >> appreciate it. >> make sure you read "monday morning quarterback". standing by in the green room, senator bob corker and john heilman and later, broadway start patti lepone.
7:39 am
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7:42 am
democrats, change matters. we came up with some others. the democrats, keeping unemployment under 12% for under 19 months. the democrats, we're obviously not wasting your money on graphic design. the democrats, hey, we got lisa ling's sister out of korea. the democrats, we were this close to giving you health care. >> well, okay. willie, i don't know that any of those slogans are going to move the independent voters. mark halprin, what about lisa ling's sister?
7:43 am
that may get some swing votes. >> that's a cutting issue with the top 50 swing districts with that question. >> afghanistan real quickly, mark, you were in new hampshire the night before we were at the same institute. are you not struck by when you talk to republicans, independents, democrats, everybody is asking the same question, why are we in afghanistan? why are we spending $2 billion a week in afghanistan? when are we going to get out of afghanistan? >> iowa and new hampshire, the states that will dominate the republican contest, both had those isolationist, passivistic. those two conflicts in iran and afghanistan are costing the united states too much money. as we've said before, even though the republicans tend to be critical of the president for not being tough enough in those conflicts, there's room for a republican to come in and stay these wars are too expensive. in new hampshire, i found what you found, lots of people feel
7:44 am
that way in the republican party and independents. >> also, i think that was the number one thing that we both commented on about new hampshire voters. the number two thing, a lot of "morning joe" viewers up there. >> tons. >> let's bring in right now republican senator from tennessee, which, by the warks home of the vanderbilt commodores, bob corker. and also national political correspondent for new yorker magazine john heilemann who actually dabbled in witchcraft. >> warlockism. >> you actually joined, what do they call it? >> kovn. >> she may be a senator one day. >> senator, let's talk about -- we'll start with afghanistan. obviously americans are concerned about the young men and women that continue to die there. but what we hear is, just as often is why are we spending $2
7:45 am
billion a week in a war that doesn't seem to have any end in sight? >> i'm going to be there in a few weeks and certainly plan on sitting down with general petraeus. i've had a lot of concerns. i know richard holbrooke was on recently. he came to a hearing and candidly, it was hard to comprehend, if you will, what our civilian strategy really is there, which has to work. the counterinsurgency in many ways. >> when he was here we tried to comprehend some stuff. i kid, richard. i kid. >> i think there are a lot of questions there. i sign those letters almost weekly to families. i want answers and certainly look forward to finding those in the next few weeks. >> we've been talking for some time on this show. you know we're constantly calling out extreme voices on the left and extreme voices on the left. one of the reasons is because it makes people's jobs so much hardener the senate. you tried to reach out on a
7:46 am
financial reform bill to democrats, tried to craft a solution that both sides could come together on and got hammered for it. how hardest to find consensus in the senate now? >> you know, it was easy to find consensus. it was just difficult to keep it there. i think in the case of financial reform, the white house i felt as we were reaching an agreement, felt like this might be a great campaign issue in november and pushed negotiations away from coming to a settlement. look, it's not quite as uncivil as people think. it's just there are lots of outside pressures. it's outside pressures. it's not the internal stuff that really is keeping us from finding solutions. >> mika, that's what we laer all the time when we talk to elected leaders. i like the democratic senators i work with. democrats say the same thing. but if they reach out and try to find consensus, they get hammered by all these shrill
7:47 am
outside voices on the professional left, on the far right. and they pay a price for being rational. >> to bring in a different dynamic, even if you say something on this show, you will often have a twitter -- do you twitter -- that goes -- >> not really. i'm afraid i might say something without thinking. >> that's why i do it. >> exactly. >> i mean it's interesting even when you try and sort of have a civil conversation, it can explode out there on the internet. >> as you know, you follow me on twitter, i say things like blessed are the peace makers and keep calm and carry on. the rage on both sides is unbelievable. >> you seem to have attracted a very volatile group of followers. i don't know why that is, but they're volatile. >> the extremes. do you have a question for the senator? >> we were talking in the green room, senator. you were spending a lot of time talking about the nation's long-term fiscal health and dealing with the deficit.
7:48 am
talk a little about what you've been doing and where you hope to take the conversation. >> during recess i had 45 town hall meetings talking about it. it seems to me that what we do on our fiscal issue is we move to the issues like tax policy, cutting programs that divide us. and we never really focus on page one. that is, as a country, let's agree on what percentage of our gross domestic product, how much our country's out put is, should be going to the federal government. if we will start there, i think we can actually reach a consensus. i might say 18%. erskine bowls, a chief of staff to president clinton and part of the deficit reduction commission might say 21. let's agree on that number first. right now we don't have a revenue issue. we have a spendingish yoou and i think democrats are beginning to realize that it is a huge problem for our country. i know republicans know that and certainly those who are active in campaigns know that. >> senator corker, thank you for coming on the set this morning. good to see you.
7:49 am
>> sorry about what happened with my northern wildcats a few weeks ago. >> he's rubbing it in. we don't do that on this show. we don't lash out. still ahead, personal finance adviser jean chatzky is stopping by. first, broadway star patti lupone takes us inside her new memoir about her life on stage. that's next on "morning joe."
7:50 am
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♪ that's logistics ♪ ♪ a continuous link, that is always in sync ♪ ♪ that's logistics ♪ ♪ there will be no more stress ♪ ♪ cause you've called ups, that's logistics ♪ president obama: yeah, i took a trip to elkhart, indiana, today. elkhart's a place that has lost jobs faster than anywhere else in america, and the people who've lost them have no idea what to do or who to turn to. in fact, local tv stations have started running public service announcements that tell people where to find food banks, even as the food banks don't have enough to meet the demand.
7:53 am
that is perform atti lupone. joining us now, the author of "patti lupone." >> watching yourself sing -- >> god! >> even now? >> you call yourself a diva in the book. >> i don't call myself a diva. >> well, you are technically a
7:54 am
diva. >> well, let's define diva. >> i think it belongs in the opera world and that's where it came from and it's usually the term one gives to a soprano that does natural things with an instrument. somehow it's gotten prostituted and come into the news world, the sports world, the journalist world, the rock world, the theater world. >> did you just say "on the morning joe world"? >> no. >> did you like the term? >> i'm a little hurt right now. >> it's not a term that -- wait a minute. what did he mean by that? >> he probably meant that i'm hard maintenance and give him a hard time and make him do stuff for me. >> shouldn't you be demanding
7:55 am
any way? >> it means that she's a strong woman and he can't handle it. >> there you go. >> isn't that gross? >> well, then we become divas as opposed to just strong women. >> oh, gosh. you know -- >> women have to stop apologizing, by the way, for these at tributes. because they diminish our val eye. and if you're good at what you do and you're worth something, you can ask for what you're worth. >> that's patti's book. >> what made you sit down and write the story of your life? >> you know a. friend of mine came to me and said, it's time to write the story. i said, i suppose. we chose shay and found a collaborate for. i chronicle stuff. i have all of my materials archived because not for any other reason than to give it away. and so if i had something to go
7:56 am
to, the scrapbook started at julie yart and went through the closing of gypsy. and better do you it now as and posed to a couple of years from now when i have no mind left. >> oh, she'll be fine for quite some time. >> actors say, i'm here, at a community theater, there's such a long way between me and patti lupone. what's your advice on that? >> well, you know, the only way to do it is to do it. i was a member an acting company for four years after four years of college. but it was on the road in a bus with six classical plays, stopping one night or four nights or a month and the doing of it helped me, armed me with technique and training and it allowed me to maintain a career and i think everybody has to be happy with where they are and
7:57 am
apply their crafts. >> does that apply to people who, for whatever reason, can't get to it, can't go to juliart? i have a nephew who is talented and always performing but he's got to go back home and he's working, working, working. does that advice apply to someone like him? >> is he working -- >> in the theater. anywhere he can. >> i say, learn your craft, apply it. learn it, apply it. >> just do it? >> just do it. >> and you say that theater is doing great? >> yes. i'm opening in "women on the verge of a nervous breakdown." it was based on a movie. it has a splendid cast. i think it's going to be
7:58 am
wonderful. >> wow. >> are you actually on the verge of a nervous breakdown? >> no, i've had a breakdown. >> if you need one on the verge, call me. seriously. i'm good. i'm really good. >> this has been education. divas, nervous breakdowns. >> i wouldn't be acting. >> patti, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> thanks, patti. the thing i love most about zyrtec® is that it allows me to be outside. [ male announcer ] we bet you'll love zyrtec®, too -- or it's free. [ vonetta ] it is countdown to marshmallow time. [ woman laughs ]
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8:01 am
i dab belled but i didn't join a covenant.
8:02 am
let's get this straight. i was a witch. that's exactly why. >> how were you a witch? >> because i dabbled into witch craft. i'm not making this up. i know what they do. one of my first dates with a witch was on the site tan nick alter and i didn't know it. i went to the movie and had a little midnight picnic. >> christine, if you're watching, i created you. you need to come on this show. if you don't come on this show, i'm going to show a clip every week. i'm the only one that has them. >> oh, my. that could be a threat. that depends on how you look at it. welcome back, everybody. it's the top of the hour. cnbc chief washington
8:03 am
correspondent jon harwood who will be hosting krns's investing many america with president obama today at noon eastern time. >> also with us, of hours, john, mark, willy geist. we've been joking about this witchcraft which i'm sure we shouldn't joke about it. but when someone set that she had a date with the satanic alter -- there are a bunch of old clips. what is it in. >> i think, joe, she has a chance to win this because people are mocking her about stuff that has nothing to do with washington or spending. if she stays on that message as opposed to the immediate why going against her on the interesting, funny stuff, she could win.
8:04 am
>> and the thing that has impressed me about christine o'donnell in the last few weeks is her debate performance. i thought she did quite well. and then over the weekend she was asked about this witchcraft deal, something that would make more of a middle of the road politician with her, and she had a very funny response. listen to this. >> that witchcraft comment, i was in high school. how many of you didn't hang out with questionable folks in high school? but, no, there's been no witchcraft since. if there was, karl rove would be a supporter now. >> i'm sorry. that's a pretty good line. i have to say, seriously, we all hung out with questionable characters. but i've done a poll. nobody hung out with witches. >> you know what happened to me over the weekend, somebody better watch out for christine
8:05 am
o'donnell and that somebody is sarah palin. because she actually can handle the media. >> she seems to be more smooth in her response compared to sarah palin. >> she's more strategic. >> sarah palin has taken fewer questions from the media than christine o'donnell. she has a great -- she's got a great presence. she's got a lot of views that are mockable, that she seems to be i am perve vows so far that the critics are throwing at her. >> and these are the type of people who are made fun of by media outlets in new york, washington, and across the country and they end up winning. >> a lot of times. >> sarah palin could not handle basic questions, like what newspapers do you read.
8:06 am
this woman flicks attacks off, turns them into a joke, and voters really like that. >> it is an interesting question that we saw last week at the republican senate committee, they initially said we're not going to put money into the campaign and then they said they would put money into her campaign. they now kind of have to help her, if only to try to make sure that they don't get blamed for her defeat. it's possible that she may have more support in some ways than she would have have gotten had they not criticized her initially. it's possible that you could end up shocking the world with winning that race. >> bill maher out there in the hot tub, criticizing, we're the kids in america. she was booked on fox yesterday,
8:07 am
with bob scheiffert. >> jon harwood, you have a a meeting with president obama? >> 250 people, in a circle, people having a chance to talk very directly and personally to the president about jobs and the economy, which is the number one issue as opposed to, say, witchcraft. >> jobs has been the number one issue for quite a long time. that is something that even colin powell will say yesterday the president had not focused efficiently enough on. does this white house understand that over the past year and a half -- >> i think perhaps his critics were right in their emphasis on
8:08 am
issues. >> it's interesting. i'm going to ask the president that very question. do they think that the critics have a point about some of the ways in which they've taken the issues somewhere else? now, the president can focus on energy and health care and say that is part of building the economic foundation but obviously large numbers of people in the country don't agree with that and that's a political problem if not also an economic problem because the president has to restore confidence. part of this is not policy, it's psychology. you've got businesses with lots of cash on the side lines. they've got to figure out when the moment is right. they've got a lot of questions about uncertainty and that sort of thing and that's the leadership challenge that the president faces. >> so what is the message that is not breaking through that americans need to understand about the track that our economy is on that is purely the production of this white house and their goals for our future? >> well, that's a great
8:09 am
question, mika. nobody really knows. i've heard various people saying in the fashion that joe suggested, they haven't focused on jobs. and then the white house can point to a large number of speeches where the president has focused on jobs. they say that he's not addressing or not concerned about the deficit situation and he says, well, i've got a deficit commission and we're serious about taking this up for the long term. for what ever reason, and whether it's simply the poll that the circumstances have cast over the public mood, this is a chance for the president more directly, more intimately talking to wall street, which is a lot of the viewers of cnbc, to try to break through more effectively than he has so far. >> mark halperin, where is the disconnect?
8:10 am
>> i think the president has not shown his passion on the economy. people want to see him fighting for jobs, fighting to create jobs. jon, can i ask you, you have the same experience as i do with business leaders booking across the country. how do they feel about the policies? >> well, we've got some business people coming in who have questions coming in about the administration's policies. to be honest, some of the wall street people who don't like the financial reform and the fact that the taxes are going up told us that they didn't want to sit in close quarters with the president. so we've got some people saying, sorry, i've got a conflict on my schedule. i've got to go to the delaware county fair. so, you know, we have some of those people on tape, though, so they will be able to do it remotely. but one of the challenges thaw face in a town hall setting like this is the people who are there
8:11 am
tend to be over deaf rengs to the president and some may not want to show up. >> isn't that something? it's like russ finegold in wisconsin, even though he was at the same fair or the same event as the president to actually see the president. now we have business leaders who in the end will decide whether these billions of money on the side line get invested are not going to be in the same room as him. >> and that's really a problem. you really have top find a message that people can connect with and that people want to be a part of. and, i mean, at this point if it seems like it's hard to get a ground, that's not good. having said that, i do think there's some things that they can be very proud of and they should take ownership of, including health care. >> john, we talked obviously, the ceos and business leaders,
8:12 am
all the time here. and i can't tell you how many business people were totally on board with barack obama and excited in 2008. people that run some of the largest corporations in america. he owned wall street. the hedge fund guys, a lot of the hedge fund guys, the big money guys. where has that partnership broken down? >> well, on a couple of different levels. i actually think the president's policies have been relatively moderate. you could have nationalized the banking system. he did not do that. and he's very moderate so occasionally it's been very tough and it'sville lee fied
8:13 am
him. they are mad about that. they look at this administration and say, where are the people that have experience in this white house? in the absence of those people t. mak, it makes them feel that the president is giving the right kind of advice. >> they want a business leader around the white house. >> so let me -- let's ask it john harwood, really quickly, what do you think the president's goal is in this town hall meeting what he is your goal? >> well, i think the president's goal is likely to be to show that passion that mark halperin talked about. it's no cure-all. we all remember bill clinton's political skills and he got hammered despite the skills that he had. i want to figure out from the president, what is the disconnect with the american people.
8:14 am
he says he is focused on their problems but they are not seeing it. >> watch "investing in america" at noon. thank you. finishing first in the value voters strong hold this weekend. congressman mike penn. >> he's adorable. >> he's got great values. >> sweet thing. >> stop that. all of the top stories of the politico playbook. wouldn't o for a do-over. [ female announcer ] neutrogena® clinical skincare, exclusive ion2 complex combined with activating cream helps restore collagen depleted skin. neutrogena clinical skincare is clinically tested to undo the look of a year's worth of skin aging in just 4 weeks. do-overs do exist. [ female announcer ] clinical skincare. neutrogena. #1 dermatologist recommended brand.
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8:16 am
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8:17 am
yes, we have serious enemies and growing threats around the world. unfortunately, the idea of a rogue state is arizona. >> okay. former governor mitt romney on
8:18 am
friday. >> he did not win. >> it was not romney who made the headlines. >> no. >> he didn't win. why didn't he win? i don't get it. who did you think would win? >> mike huckabee. sarah palin. >> who won last year? >> i think mitt romney won not last year but two years ago. >> you know what, let's get into the now. okay? let's talk to the captain that all of the kids are talking about. >> yes. >> who has -- we'll ask him that as the first question. >> i don't get it. >> representative from indiana, mike pence. look at that, at the numbers. >> oh, my gosh. >> yeah. he more than doubled. >> he pounced palin. >> he pounced palin. >> i was going to ask you a question but i think the poll
8:19 am
says it all. have you ever been into witchcraft? he's denying it. come on. so why do you think your message broke through? why did you beat a lot of the established republicans, a lot of big names? >> well, let me tell you, joe, first let me just say to folks that were at the value voter summit, when my wife and i got the text message that we had carried the day, that, you know, we were very humbled and very honored by that. but it really doesn't change my focus. right now we're completely focused on november the 2nd. people that are concerned with the issues that we raised at that summit, run away federal spending, bailouts, takeovers, people that care about the
8:20 am
sanctity of life and of marriage. >> will you be riding in your next gazillion best-selling presidential book of mike wednesday in 2012? >> let's get over this obsession of 2012. who would you put in your cabinet. just kidding. congressman, i know that you are heartened by how you did but i'd like you to evaluate just the overall state of the republican party. do you think the fact that you did well speaks to unhappiness with some of the other people that were talked about or does it speak to your affinity with the people who attend this particular group and not a broader level of support that you have? >> well, mark, i actually think that joe's second question -- not his first one -- >> not the witchcraft. >> put his finger on it. i don't think the outcome on saturday was not about the messenger.
8:21 am
i think it was about the message. when you look at florida, nevada, alaska, or anywhere else in the country, the american people are drawn to an unapologetic expression of mainstream conservative values, strong defense, fiscal discipline, pro growth policies, and traditional moral values. and to the extent that, you know, we have an of a firm mags on saturday, it was really more about the message, mark, than anything else. >> okay. the hippy of the two, john, has a question as well. >> when all is said on november 3rd, will people say that the tea party has helped the republican party or been more of a problem for the republican party, in the short term? >> well, let me say i think when all is said and done on november 2nd, if people do everything that needs to be done here in michigan, in my beloved indiana and all over the country, i
8:22 am
think that the real conclusion will be that the tea party was a help to america. you know, look, from the time i arrived in congress in 2000, joe knows this, we were there together briefly. we were battling against run away federal spending under republicans and democrats came to power and took run away spending under republicans and put it on steroids. you know, the borrowing, bailout,s deficits, takeovers, the tea party or town hall movements is really an expression of millions of every day americans saying, enough is enough. we need to put our fiscal house in order. we need to put this nation back on a path way towards fiscal solvency and job growth and a respect for values and in that sense i think the tea party will ultimately have been a great, great benefit to america. >> and let me confirm that for our viewers that hear me criticizing the republican party every day how they handled the best eight years. i was so excited when mike pence
8:23 am
came into congress because he teamed up with people like paul ryan and jeff and myself that tried to fight run away spending. so he walks the walk, really, he talks the talk, and he's never had a date on a satanic alter. those are things that i think helped you in western iowa. >> you checked the boxes, congressman. >> you checked the boxes, congressman. seriously, we thank you for being with us and for actually being a conservative first before being a republican. a lot of people forget the difference between those two things, congressman. you didn't. >> thank you. >> all right. congressman mike pence, thank you so much. appreciate it. let's switch to mike. hey, mike. >> hi. >> what about you and witchcraft because i have my suspicions
8:24 am
about you. >> yeah. >> mike? >> i did not join the covenant. >> all right. i mean, seriously, witches' unions, they put the big rat up outside. >> exactly. >> pay for health care in a private plan rather than a covenant plan. >> the cobra plan. >> you guys are reporting on kind of white house talks, negotiations, perhaps, about some legislation to close guantanamo bay, kinds of an issue that's fallen off the radar lately. what's going on there? >> it sure has. and the president hasn't talked publicly for a long time about closing gitmo. it turns out they don't even talk privately about it. senator lindsay graham, republican south carolina, was a key to getting a deal to building a facility in the u.s. that could replace gitmo, a place in the u.s. that could you place a number of these
8:25 am
prisoners. lindsay graham hasn't had a conversation about this since may. had he a good conversation going with the white house and it ended. he said it was if it were hit by a predator drone and went off the landscape. they recognized that nothing is going to happen on this and with a more republican house, a more republican senate, there's even less chance of getting any kind of a replacement forg gitmo. >> so this is even during the campaign, something that the human eye spar about a lot. >> you said it will never close. >> never close. >> i still think it should. >> one of the earliest goals was closing guantanamo. >> closed within the first year. >> yeah, you're absolutely right. it's sort of the political -- >> jimmy carter granted amnesty and broke said that he would close down gitmo.
8:26 am
>> i can't wait to get jimmy on this show. >> he's got the book. i think he likes me, tom. >> wait. i will work on it. >> while he's telling us all to wear sweaters and put our thermostats down to are 57, he's heating up the pool. >> at camp david. >> and it's melting the snow within a 30-mile radius. >> it's shaped like an ape. >> i'm really glad that he never actually joined the covenant. >> good for him. still ahead, financial adviser jean chatzky will be here.
8:27 am
up next, erin burnett leaving the new york stock exchange. find out what she is doing next on the "morning joe." [ waves crashing ]
8:28 am
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[ male announcer ] at&t and blackberry have teamed up to evolve the smartphone. at&t. rethink possible. to evolve the smartphone. words alone aren't enough. our job is to listen and find ways to help workers who lost their jobs to the spill. i'm iris cross. we'll keep restoring the jobs, tourist beaches, and businesses impacted by the spill. we've paid over $400 million in claims and set up a $20 billion independently-run claims fund. i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here. i'm gonna be here until we make this right.
8:30 am
isn't that pretty? >> let's put chris on the air. >> chris?
8:31 am
>> i guess we're going to drive this into the ground, into the ditch, and as we're sinking into the mud, you're going to keep stepping on the accelerator as the wheels spin. to see how much we can -- seriously? how many witch songs do you have? we started with witchy woman by the eagles. and then santana. i love santana. and at some point -- and i'm the guy that beats the horse long after it's dead. it's just too much. >> we are helping christine o'donnell. i'm telling you. ti think she's responding to all of this stuff very well. >> she knows how to answers questions on her feet very well. >> she does. >> i'm telling you, seriously,
8:32 am
i'm not being mean to sarah palin. i'm just saying christine is now very good. she's really good on her feet. and look at the karl rove thing that is very funny. she will make jokes about people on the left, about people on -- i'm just telling you. >> she can do it. >> all right. bill clinton will be on our show on thursday. >> did you see newt gingrich? >> that was so funny. >> it was. >> he's good. >> that guy knows what he's doing. let's get a check of -- >> let's playbook. it's just classic. >> it's too good. it's how you go like this when you're bill clinton. >> newt gingrich said that we
8:33 am
are the enemy of normal americans. he blamed it on the 1960s culture, even one woman who drowned her children, she had been abused by her stepfather who was a right ring republican leader. nevertheless, they were infected by all of the democratic things. that's what he does when he's running. he's out there playing mol particulars. he's a schtick. he knows better. he's a smart man. >> he always comes out with a line, he knows better. i love that. >> so we have him on thursday. i'm very excited about that. >> all right. let's please get to erin. let's go to cnbc's erin burnett live at the museum in washington. what a beautiful morning there. >> it is so beautiful. i like hearing president clinton talk about newt gingrich because i'm basking in the sun here.
8:34 am
i'm in the unsanitized zone. so i don't know if that's a comment on my hygiene or what. but there's a special zone and then there's an unsanitized zone. >> oh. >> at least they are sorting them out right there at the museum. >> well, you know, just say it's not bedbugs. it's a hygiene problem. i know john talked to you a bit about the president. i have a couple of highlights from the poll coming into the town hall. but there's a key things from the market that will provide the context for the town hall. that's good home builder news today. there was profit for lamar. it's a profit after the end of that new home buyer tax credit. so we'll see if that's sort of a sign of things getting better. it's probably a bit of a stretch in housing. the other big story this week is going to be the fed and what they do on interest rates.
8:35 am
everyone is looking for lasp. there's a new acronym each time. the big event to set the stage is town hall today and then the fed meeting tomorrow. as we talk about what the administration can do to stimulate the economy or even if they need to do more and what the fed can do, take a look at this chart on inflation. so look at this. gold is at a record. cotton, which goes into a lot of the clothes we buy, is at a 15-year high. corn, which goes into pretty much every single thing that we eat is at a two-year high. a lot of the basic things that we need every day are at very high levels in terms of prices. i think that's really important to keep in mind. >> so what is keeping inflation
8:36 am
down, then? what is -- is it -- >> basically, homes are taking it down and a lot of the technology thaw buy. warmers, computers, durable goods, places like that. but you're seeing it in food, which we all eat, fuel, health care costs, and education costs. it's in all of those places. but as we go to town hall, three-quarters of the people that we polled feel that neither party know what is they are doing when it comes to fixing the economy. >> all right. >> erin, thank you so much. >> sanitary zone, we will get a suntan. >> all right. i love it. >> maybe get some purell. >> thank you, erin. >> it's going to be fun. financial adviser jean chatzky is next.
8:37 am
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there's nothing wrong with that. there's nothing wrong with making sure that people come across our border, particularly our southern border, in a legal manner. but at the same time, we have undocumented individuals who are working, who are doing things we need done in this country. they are all over at my house doing things whenever i call for repairs. i'm sure you've seen them at your house. we've got to find a way to bring these people out of the darkness and give them some kind of status. >> he went there. i think we need to go there, too. i'll be the first to admit it. all of our cameramen and camera woman. most of the people that i see working over in the newsroom, also. they are undocumented. we love them. that's why whenever pat buchanan is here, there's a glass wall
8:41 am
and sometimes he is -- it's very offensive. look at this guy going around. >> has anybody seen chris' paperwork? >> i think they smuggled him in in 1946 after the war. i'm not a judger. i'm not a judger. >> joining us now, jean chatzky with her new book, "not your parents money book" and is teaching children fiscal responsibility. this is a great idea. >> thank you. >> a fabulous platform that is really needed. >> thank you. >> you have good practice because you have tried to talk to me about money before. >> well, right. >> and my own children. that's where i thought you were going. my own children. >> not me. >> that would be easy compared to -- >> i went out and met with hundreds of middle school-aged kids last summer to find out what they knew about unmoney, what they wanted to know about money, what they didn't
8:42 am
care less about. if you look at what happened during the economic crisis, it's clear that a lot of parents forgot the basics. and so with that in mind, we have a very difficult time teaching our own kids. >> kids have such a sense of entitlement that we never had. i used to say that my parents might buy be a record once every month or two. kids, this generation, walk into best buy, get a cd whenever they feel like it. >> that's our fault. parents gave them that sense of entitlement and now through the last couple of years have had to take it away. it's been difficult for many, many people. and kids want to know, what do they have to do to earn their own money. they want to know, how much money do i have to make in order to grow up? what kind of job do i have to get in order to do that? they don't get information because we don't share it. >> did your kids get it? >> trying really hard. i'm going to use this book as a guide and i'm wondering how you explain to them the value of
8:43 am
money, especially with these debit cards and bank machines. >> you start with one thing at a time. any kid out there who has a cell phone, show them the bill. show them the bill and ask them to take a look at what they are paying, what you're paying every time they spend additional minutes on the phone or for all of those texting charges and ask them, what can we do to lower this a little bit? put them on the phone. i did this with my kid. excuse me. put them on the phone with customer service and have them go through the process of having them get that bill lowered. >> that will teach them. >> that's a great idea. >> we talk about this almost every time you come on. it's getting finance taught in schools which, to me is, is a gaping hole. everyone is going to have to deal with this over the course of their life. not algebra or whatever they teach you nowadays. why don't we and are we making any progress to teaching finance in. >> we are making some progress.
8:44 am
we have mandates in 13 states right now that teach financial lit ra see. it's the problem is things get tested on the other things. i work with the folks at council for education and there's a website we put on called download the conversations that are up there. they are free. i wrote them. so they are good. and have a conversation with your kids about money. >> what's the website? >> >> that's a great idea. >> yes, it is. >> when i was in eight great, they taught us how to balance a job. but we had jobs, allowances, and we had parents, if you want it, you work for it. >> what did you hear from the kids, the biggest miss conception? where are kids right now?
8:45 am
>> they are looking for more money on their own. you know, a lot of kids don't get allowances and when they get them, they get them irregularly. parents don't give them on time or on purpose and so kids are looking for a way to make some financial decisions on their own, to buy things on their own. they understand their money is a lot more valuable than our money. they just don't have so much access to it. >> i had my daughter open a checking account in the last couple of weeks. >> how old is sne. >> she's 14. >> that's about the age that i did it. >> the bank was so eager to have it happen, it made me nervous. >> i give my kids their allowances now on debit cards and automatically -- the money goes right out of my checking account into their checking accounts and they can access it with their debit cards. >> what if they are bad? >> i set it up so it happens every single week. i don't do allowances with
8:46 am
chores. if they want a to not do their chores, they can't go on the computer or watch tv. >> we didn't give allowance to somebody yesterday because somebody didn't do what they were supposed to do. >> i have two older kids and two younger kids. i was a terrible father in that, you know, i'd buy them the video game, the cd, i'd buy them the dvd when we went into best buy it seemed all the time and when they turned 16, the best move i made was saying, i'm not getting you this stuff anymore. you've got to be a bus boy at a local restaurant. both of my boys just started working hard, weekends at the fish house. it totally transformed their outlook on money. >> there's been a lot of research on kids who work in high school and college grow up for more financially responsible as adults. >> it really was a remarkable transformation. >> jean chatzky, thank you.
8:47 am
>> thank you. we're not talking about the giants versus the colts. that's next. impressive resume. thank you. you know what, tell me, what makes peter, peter ? well, i'm an avid catamaran sailor. i can my own homemade jam, apricot. and i really love my bank's raise your rate cd. i'm sorry, did you say you'd love a pay raise asap ? uh, actually, i said i love my bank's raise your rate cd. you spent 8 days lost at sea ? no, uh... you love watching your neighbors watch tv ? at ally, you'll love our raise your rate cd that offers a one-time rate increase if our current rates go up. ally. do you love your bank ? ♪
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off the ball. roger, not a magical weekend in soccer for me especially. i go downtown, i'm having a breakfast meeting with you and one of the most hateful people i've ever met is howard and -- >> i don't know him very well but an amazing weekend. it was a lot of action. it was liverpool, man chester united and very disappointing weekend. >> brutal. >> so two americans going head to head here and your favorite friend tom hicks of the texas rangers are both competing to see who can run their team into massive -- >> look at this. >> sublime.
8:52 am
that was magnificent. >> what did you call him? a something -- >> something you can't repeat on air and then he went and did that. >> he had a hat trick. 3 yesterday, liverpool beaten, 3-2. >> your manager on the side line, miserable, miserable time. >> you said he looks like he doesn't know where he is. chelsea black pool. >> he worries about how they clean their uniforms. they clean them themselves. they play under an incredible budget. they played microsoft chelsea and 72 seconds in, 1-0 down. very miserable weekend for your blackpool.
8:53 am
what do you think. >> chelsea finished them off. blackpool was a great indicator of the wide disparity between the two top teams. chelsea and norris look like the only two teams that can win. >> you pointed out to me yesterday, chelsea, it's like their matches have been fixed by don king. next week they play some of the elite. >> it's like fighting the princeton boxing champion. >> it would be like fighting me. we'll see if they really are for real. >> one of the most exciting game is -- my goodness. >> you cannot turn the game off. this is a fabulous goal. one of the worst goals that you'll ever see. >> that's terrible. >> it deflected off the player 40 yards out.
8:54 am
right over the goalie's head. >> it's over. sunderland -- >> it was 94 minutes of dredgery. and then that happens. >> and wild sting, and tony blair -- >> roger bennett miserable because his team continues to sink. >> it's like getting sand in your swimming trunks. it's going to be a long season. it flew in from 35 yards out. there's going to be auto season where every week i say, next week we're going to get the season on track.
8:55 am
>> and, of course, if liverpool goes to administration bankruptcy, they lose nine points. that's the equivalent of three wins. >> liverpool has $350 million in debt and manchester united is even more than that. they thought they could change the business model of english soccer and took it away from fans and they don't know what they are doing. >> i follow about half of what he's saying maybe. but i hang on every word. >> for me it's liking another language. i have no idea what is being said but it's so entertaining that i come to class. >> exactly. >> thank you. our guests, up next, what have you learned today.
8:56 am
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8:59 am
how many of these do they have? >> i'm going to grab you. >> sales are just -- how many witch songs are there? >> we could do this all day. >> i know every word

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